Hacky Sack

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Remember the days of childhood when we were endlessly entertained by a small bean bag? We kicked these around for hours and had endless amounts of fun - no screens, no batteries, no problem. You didn't even need friends to play with!

We were blissfully unaware of the hand-eye-foot coordination, teamwork, and creative problem solving benefits we were getting through play. Send your kids outside with one of these and count it as summer learning!


  • 100% cotton
  • 2.5" diameter
  • Tightly woven - no leaks!
  • Hand crocheted in Guatemala following Fair Trade guidelines
  • Soccer design may vary in color; other styles vary in color and/or pattern from what is shown

A note from our Fair Trade hacky sack supplier:
"We aim to provide our artisan groups with as much assistance as possible. We provide the funds for our artisan's children in Guatemala and Mexico to go to school, and we have an emergency fund set aside for all artisans. Your purchase makes a difference to each and every one of our artisan partners, so thank you!"

Customer Reviews

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Bonnie G.
Lots of fun memories!

The colors are so vibrant and my kids (ages 13-21) all enjoyed playing with their hacky sacks!! They enjoyed having hacky sack challenges together! Lots of fun memories!