June donation: Kleb Manman Ayiti

Posted by Jennifer Essary on

Ain't no 'hood like motherhood!

Am I right?! If you've ever raised or helped to raise kids, then you know - motherhood is HARD!! My motherhood journey has been so greatly helped along by the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) organization where I found my best mom friends, and even though our kids aren't preschoolers anymore we are still great friends.

My friend Claire is someone that I met in MOPS and whose MOPS experience opened up so many opportunities for our group. At present, she and her husband are living and working at a Christian non-profit organization in Haiti called Mission of Hope. Claire is also a big believer in the ministry of MOPS, and (no surprise here!) she's starting a MOPS group for Haitian moms!

We are so happy to introduce you to our June donation recipient - Kleb Manman Ayiti, or Mom's Club of Haiti. Claire writes that they are in a fundraising campaign that will allow for supplying their moms with a starter bundle that includes an exclusive t-shirt as well as materials for creative activities and a nutritious meal at their meetings. She says, "These sweet women come from some pretty rough backgrounds and carry a lot of burdens from harsh living conditions, malnutrition, misinformation, lack of relational support, economic uncertainty, and loneliness."

We are so excited to donate towards this new MOPS group and support these women as they go through motherhood - a journey that I can only imagine would be so many degrees harder in an underdeveloped country. A portion of our website sales for the month of June will go towards funding this much-needed ministry!

I am overjoyed to be able to support this new mission! If you would like to support a mom in this group, you can do so for as little as $25. Click here to check it out!