February Donation: Mercy House Global

Posted by Jennifer Essary on

In my search for amazing fairly traded items to bring to my store - okay okay, I was totally shopping too - I stumbled upon Mercy House Global.

I found out that this organization has maternity houses in Kenya, specifically for pregnant teens who have come out of abhorrent situations. These girls are loved and cared for throughout their pregnancy, birthing their baby, and on into the beginning years of motherhood. They are given an education and a marketable skill - two things that will truly and completely change their lives for the better.

Mercy House Global also has a store (I mentioned I was shopping, right?), and the proceeds of their store go towards the ministry of these maternity and transition houses. 

The reason I chose their organization as my February donation recipient is because a few weeks ago, one of their houses in Kenya caught fire and burned to the ground. There were around 13 moms living in this house with their children and staff, and (praise God!) everyone was able to get out. Afterward, still in shock, the moms stood outside with their babies and sang praises to our God - who is still so good.

They are active on Instagram and consistently post amazing stories and more details than I could possibly give here, so I encourage you to go find them there. They're now on phase 6 of funding a new maternity home, and have some neat products that will go directly toward that end (as will the donation from Hickory and Elm).

Will you come with me in support of organizations that are changing lives? Let's go do good together!