August donation - South Sudan Education Mission

Posted by Jennifer Essary on

"The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime." -Joan Marques

If you've been around here for a while, you know that giving back is one of the foundational aspects of this shop. Our goal to help others and then help some more!

The most obvious way we help is by sourcing products made by artisans in the developing world. This provides them with an honorable, sustainable income, which they are able to use to support their families and communities. We love this!

The second, less-obvious way we try to give back is by donating a percentage of our sales each month to a different organization. I'm excited to introduce you to August's donation recipient: the South Sudan Education Mission.

I learned about the South Sudan Education Mission when Paul Both, the founder of this school, came to speak with my church about what he does in South Sudan and Ethiopia. Paul is a man of great faith who spends half his time in Africa and the other half in Minnesota. He speaks multiple languages and is passionate about education, social work, and his Christian faith.

One unique thing about the SSEM is the the graduation gift they give their graduates: goats! Yes, you read that right. Paul explained that a goat gives them a way to create income (through the goat's hair, milk, or offspring) and in turn  to give back to those around them.

We are excited to help Paul with his goal of educating and equipping the young people of South Sudan and Ethiopia. You can read more about the South Sudan Education Mission at their website,