Rustic Wooden Nativity

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We are head over heels for this beautiful nativity, made from the wood of a mango tree! Each piece is hand carved by artisans in India, then accented with silver to beautifully depict the story of our Savior's birth. 

The mango wood used to make this nativity was sustainably harvested. Mango trees only produce fruit for about 20 years, after which they are considered useless and are cut down to make room for more. The wood used in this Nativity is from a past-its-prime mango tree, which is still giving back by way of being made into other useful things and thus enabling people to produce an income from the sale of its wood.

This is a fairly traded item! The artisans who made these pieces worked for a fair wage and in a safe environment. This particular nativity comes from an organization in India which exists to empower women and children in the fight against human trafficking.

The tallest piece measures about 6" high. 

This item ships free, and will look AMAZING in your home!

Customer Reviews

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Susan Essary
Rustic Wooden Nativity Set

These figures are absolutely beautiful! I love them! They will fit in perfectly with my collection of Nativity sets of all types. I can't wait to display them this Christmas season. Thank you Hickory & Elm for this wonderful wood-carved set with profits that benefit women worldwide.

Marcy Smith
Beautiful Nativity Scene

I collect nativity scenes and saw this unique set and had to add to my collection. OMG when it arrived (very fast I might add) I couldn’t believe how wonderful this set is. Wood carved and finished in an off white with occasional silver running through. I ordered it on the after Christmas sale and it’s going to be displayed year-round, very lovely! Thank you Hickory & Elm for your vision and in offering worldwide finds with a benevolent meaning!!