Brands We Work With

We are so proud to be able to support businesses who are constantly and consistently doing right - for others and for our world. 

This list is current as of April 2021 and is subject to GROW! We can't wait!

      Matr Boomie is a wholesale fair trade collection from India that marries modern design sensibility with inspiring traditional art forms, bringing people and cultures closer together. 
      Matr Boomie began in 2006 with the mission of creating opportunities for women and minorities to realize their creative, economic and leadership potential. Since then they have grown their network to empower 20,000 artisans in 40 partner communities throughout India. Matr Boomie's passion has enabled them to make critical differences in the lives of partner artisans, their families and communities.

     Since 2004, Rahab’s Rope has existed to spread awareness and help eradicate sex trafficking. The mission of Rahab's Rope is to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. They work in the areas of prevention, direct intervention and aftercare, and provide a safe and loving environment that will enable them to grow and develop both physically and spiritually. 



      UPAVIM Wholesale is a self-run cooperative of women in La Esperanza, Guatemala that provides leadership opportunities, greater economic independence and education for the members and their families.  It represents a colorful beacon of hope and pride for many in La Esperanza.
      Founded in 1989, UPAVIM Wholesale creates and sells colorful, handcrafted products for markets around the world. Sales of UPAVIM Wholesale’s fair trade goods directly support the cooperative, a full-day kindergarten through 6th grade school, daycare, and a Montessori-based preschool. UPAVIM Wholesale's success in La Esperanza has also fueled the development of a health clinic, tutoring program, local bakery and more.  
      Facing poverty, crime and violence throughout their neighborhoods, the more than 60 women that represent UPAVIM Wholesale find not only solidarity in a safe space but also a community of love, hope and purpose that aspires to produce generational improvements for one another.
      By handpicking all of their products in-house, their team has increased and expanded their selection of organic, handcrafted, sustainably sourced products. There's a story behind everything sold - from the artisan who crafts it to the individual who uses it! 
      Upavim's mission continues to focus on our planet and minimizing our impact through artisans and artists that follow our same values.



      WorldFinds mission is to empower women through fair trade. WorldFinds jewelry and accessories create work for over 700 artisans in vulnerable communities in India. These thoughtful designs and sustainable practices bring change to the lives of the artisans, provide a bright future for their children, and strengthen their communities.
      There are over 700 incredible artisans that bring their jewelry and accessories designs to life! All of WorldFinds' styles are handmade by women artisans in India and Bali. Some are part of women's cooperatives or family groups, and others are members of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). All are finding a path out of poverty through fair trade.
      WorldFinds' styles create lasting change in artisan communities. Each piece provides dignified work, fair wages, a safe workplace, and hope for the future. We love that the single act of making a piece of jewelry or sewing a bag can help transform women's lives. The dignified, sustainable work is empowering, and creates a chain of goodness. Seeing this impact inspires us every day!



       Lumily is an ethical brand that focuses on creating social change one fair trade item at a time. They partner with small scale artisans in Guatemala, Mexico, and Thailand to design a bold collection that represents sustainability, relationships and hope.  Lumily believes in the importance of ethical practices in all phases of our business, from sourcing, to production, through sales.
The company has expanded since its humble beginnings yet our mission remains the same: to create social change through handmade artisan products. They pride themselves on having followed fair trade guidelines from the very beginning, creating reliable, long term relationships with each artisan and their families, while working with a transparent business model.
       Aside from creating change through our products, Lumily aims to provide their artisan groups with as much assistance as possible. Lumily provides the funds for 14 children in Guatemala to go to school, they have an emergency fund set aside for all artisans, and they host fundraisers to provide extra support for the artisans and their families.